April 14

Tavern story

In 2020, Tin Cup Tavern staked its claim in Fraser, Colorado, a town operating since 1876 with just a post office called ‘Fraser’. This was a wild time in the West. Transportation and namely the rail link between Denver and Salt Lake City, which went over the top of the Continental Divide and through the 6.2 mile long Moffat tunnel near Winter Park Resort, was certainly integral in putting Fraser, Colorado on the map in the years since that lone post office. Railroad workers at the time relied on the ‘tin cup’ to drink their whiskey because of its durability, flavor profile, and because the standard alternative glass cups frequently broke. Tin Cup Tavern exists to celebrate these simple times and to Keep the West Wild.

As expected from a tavern, you will be able to enjoy a wide array of ales and cocktails, but you’ll also experience some unexpected twists to the traditional experience, which is intentionally designed to keep our guests on their toes. Step into our modern day wild west.

At its core, this tavern is a place for communities to connect and experience the lifestyle that is unique to Grand County. Our founders, Brandon, Roberto and Craig, certainly like to connect over a beer, but their interests don’t stop there. They are fueled by the mountain lifestyle, mountain biking, alpine touring, bow hunting, cars, music, and the list goes on.

Because of this, Tin Cup Tavern’s doors are not just for thirsty travelers to pass through. These doors are a portal to celebrate an era with less distractions, connect with others over shared interests, rent bikes or touring equipment and re-set your expectations on what a tavern can be. 

April 14

the facts

Tin Cup Tavern is a bar located in Fraser, Colorado. The bar is inspired by the railroads of the 1920s that created a path to the West Coast and brought the original residents to Fraser Valley.  Its owners, Brandon, Roberto and Craig, launched the concept to create a community hub where locals and travelers can gather, build community and enjoy a cold beverage after a day in the great outdoors. 

Tin Cup Tavern offers 20+ hand selected beers on tap, as well as cocktails and a food truck off the back patio with picturesque views of Byers Peak. The tavern also offers seasonal gear rentals you can’t find anywhere else in town, including ski bikes, mountain bikes, backcountry ski & snowboard setups, and more. To foster a community atmosphere, the tavern can be reserved for events, meet-ups, and other gatherings. See what’s going on this month on the Events Calendar.

April 14


We consistently update our taps with hand selected beers from around the United States and across the globe. Check out our full menu here.

April 15

digital files

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April 16


Business Inquiries: Brandon@tincuptavern.co

Events & Demos: Roberto@tincuptavern.co